Electric Guitars


Q001: Where can I buy Aria products?

A001: Please check our ARIA DISTRIBUTORS LIST and find your nearest distributor for details of where you can buy our products.

Q002: I want to buy an Aria guitar that is not in the current catalogue.

A002: Although guitars do become discontinued occasionally a distributor might have one or two left in stock. If there is something that you particularly want but is no longer available why not call your distributor and ask? He's there to help!

Q003: Can I buy Aria products from Arai & Co., Inc. directly?

A003: Sorry, we do not sell directly to you. Your nearest Aria dealer can help you buy your Aria guitar.

Q004: Where can I try out Aria guitars for myself?

A004: You can try our guitars at your nearest Aria dealer. Check our ARIA DISTRIBUTORS LIST.

Q005: Do you have a warranty for your products?

A005: Yes, all Aria products are fully guaranteed. Please see the warranty information on the warranty page.

Q006: What should I do if my Aria guitar develops a fault?

A006: As long as the guitar is still under guarantee simply take your instrument back to the shop where you bought it. Alternatively, your local Aria dealer may be able to help.

Q007: I want to modify my guitar.

A007: Modifying your guitar will void your warranty and Aria can not be held responsible for any repairs that may be required afterwards.

Q008: How can I get replacement parts?

A008: Contact your local Aria dealer.

Q009: Is it possible to repair old models?

A009: Yes, it is possible to repair old models. However, some original spares may no longer be available.

Q010: I have been told that I need to loosen the strings whenever I finish a day's practice. Is this good for my guitar?

A010: No, it is better for the neck if the string tension is keep stable. If you are not going use the guitar for about a month or are taking it on a trip then it may be a good idea to loosen the strings slightly. If you have an instrument where the string tension is quite high, such as on an acoustic bass, you can loosen the strings. Generally speaking though, if your instrument is in daily or frequent use there is no need to do this.