Electric Guitars

2011 -2009

Wanna hear the RETRO sound?

A California bluesman, Steven Hinojosa, demonstrates Aria’s new Retro1532, 615 Frontier,
and DM-380 to show you the differences in sound. Check it out!

The Nashville Update

“Slick” Joe Fick joins the Don Kelly Band
The Tennessee bass virtuoso “Slick” Joe Fick joined the Don Kelly Band, the most popular act on Broadway, to replace his own idol, Dave Roe (Johnny Cash Band). The band also features a phenomenal young guitarist J.D. Simo. What they create on the stage is magical and the energy level goes through the roof. Keep on rockin’!

ARIA collaborates with Box of Trix at 2011 Musik Messe Frankfurt

New German distributor, Box of Trix (headed by Sibi Siebert and Stefan Thomas), provided such impressive display of Aria instruments during the 4-day event.
Aria’s new products include 615-Frontier, Lacote LA-250, and AWN-15CE,.

Many thanks for our partners and friends for stopping by to see us. It’s always a great pleasure to see you face-to-face!

Higher spirit at 2011 winter NAMM

The atmosphere greatly improved at Anaheim Convention Center for 2011 winter NAMM (January 13-16).
We certainly look forward to a wonderful year. And as always it was nice to see all the Aria distributors/associates.
Many thanks for coming!

Shanghai Messe 2010

Cooperating with our Chinese distributor, Wuhan Eleca, Aria was exhibited at 2010 Music China in Shanghai (October 12-15).
There were signs of the recovery from economic slowdown everywhere, and our booth at New Exhibition Center was continuously crowded with dealers,
buyer, and visitors throughout the 4-day event.

GOAL RUSH appears on "Gitarre & Bass"!!

On the cover of famous guitar magazine in Germany, “Gitarre & Bass”, Aria GOAL RUSH 2010 scored fine goal!!
Yes, it’s time for the World Cup, and everybody can celebrate the world’s biggest sport event with this GOAL RUSH 2010.

Gitarre & Bass home page

ARIA kicked-off 2010 Frankfurt Messe with "Goooaaaalllll!"

At this year’s Musik Messe Frankfurt (March 24-27) absolutely the center of attention was ARIA’s Goal Rush 2010. Commemorating the World Cup South Africa
this summer, this football-shaped electric guitar is the official licensed product by FIFA and attracted tremendous media attention: TV Network, radio programs,
magazines, etc.
And it was surely putting a smile on everyone passing!
Click here to see the TV interview.

Aria displayed new 2010 models this year at newly designed booth and the feedback was outstanding for the items like PE-Royale, Mac-Presto, Retro-1532,
FA-Broadway, SB-1000/5B, AC-75CB/4, and ATU120/6.

It was such pleasure to see all ARIA friends/supporters once again and many thanks for those who joined us for Aria party!
We will see you next time!

ARIA introduced 2010 New Models!

At 2010 Winter NAMM Show (January14-17, 2010 in Anaheim, CA), ARIA introduced brand-new models
to the music lovers of the world. Here are the brief descriptions of ARIA’s new axes.

ARIA Shines at 2010 Winter NAMM Show!!

With this fabulous display, we welcomed all the Aria supporters and visitors.

World-famous jazz guitarist, Ulf Wakenius visited our booth, and played our new jazz box “FA-Broadway”.
Thank you, Mr. Wakenius, for playing our guitar over 25 years!

Rock Guitar icon, Steve Stevens, now endorses Aria AD-150

Steve Stevens, the legendary guitarist of our generation, came to Yokohama to back Kyosuke Himuro, a charismatic Japanese rock singer
who headlined the “Music for Love”, the benefit concert held at Yokohama Stadium on September 27 for the world’s water crisis.

Steve met up with Toshi Matsumura from Aria guitars during the studio rehearsal and tried out Aria AD-150, and he immediately liked the sound
and the feel of the Aria’s highest piece in the acoustic line. “I was playing an Aria guitar when I was eleven or so. Aria will always have a special place in my heart,”
said the flamboyant guitar guru. Now he plays AD-150 for his acoustic sets.

Steve Stevens is best known for his Grammy award winning performance on the Top Gun soundtrack and his co-writing and subsequent albums with Billy Idol.
Stevens has also worked with a host of other artists including the Thompson Twins, Joni Mitchell, Peter Criss, Steve Lukather, Ric Ocasek, and Michael Jackson.

If You Haven't Seen The Dempseys, You Haven't Experience Memphis!

This popular rockabilly trio has been reigning on Beale Street for many years.
The energy level goes through the roof every house they play in and their performance is so darn entertaining that once you see them, you’ll never forget them!
Now with Aria DM/DMB-380 in their arsenals, we are pleased to welcome Brad, Joe, and Ron to the Aria Family, applause!!!

Ron Perrone Jr. (Dr.), Bradley Birkedahl (Guitar), Slick Joe Fick (Bass)

With Wailing Toshi from Aria —- With Two of a kind (you know who!)


Dana B. Goods, Aria’s US distributor, once again did a fantastic job displaying the entire line of Aria products at 2009 Summer NAMM in Nashville.
Although there were signs of economic slowdown everywhere, participants continuously came in to check out the latest models
(DM/DMB-380, PE-EXO2, PE-RX80) throughout this 3-day event.
We were so pleased to have the famous stars like Nokie Edwards, Rick Derringer, “lovely” Muriel Anderson visit our booth.
Also we had lots of fun hanging with the Nashville’s finest musicians like Dave Roe, Don Kelly, J.D. Simo, Steve Cook, and Doc Rogers.
Even during tough times, we keep our spirit higher ! Thank you everyone.

Legendary Bassist, Chuck Rainey Plays Aria SWB-04

Mr. Chuck Rainey was touring through Japan with Marlena Shaw, Harvey Mason, David T. Walker, and Larry Nash when he met up with Aria’s Toshi Matsumura
to discuss his SWB-04. “It’s a great instrument, and it’s so beautiful,” said the soft-spoken, bass virtuoso who has recorded with countless talents
(Louis Armstrong, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Steely Dan, Joe Walsh, and the list goes on and on…).
Only the suggestions from the living legend made it possible to take SWB-04 to the higher level!

Check it out!!!

Henrik Flyman of Evil Masquerade

The renowned Swedish guitarist/producer who released sensational new CD “Fade to Black” this year is currently on World tour with a Swiss rock band
“La Crimosa” and just played at AM Hall Osaka in Japan.
He’s been a great Aria supporter for 20+ years in Europe, and of course, only guitar he played on stage is PE-1500!

Reggae Superstar Ziggy Marley is here!

Ziggy Marley stops by the charity event held at Jensen Music, new Aria dealer in Santa Barbara, California.
The multi-Grammy winner and the oldest son of late Bob Marley was pleased to sign his autograph on AW-20 acoustic guitar for his contribution.

Peace, Man!

Aria Introduces New Axes at MusilMesse Frankfurt 2009

MusikMesse, the world’s largest trades show for musical instruments, was held in Frankfurt, Germany April 1 – 4.
With great efforts by the staff, Aria magnificently exhibited the entire line of instruments including new PE-RX80, SB-RI, and SWB-03SHX.
The feedback from the attendees was excellent and Mr. Shiro Arai’s presence certainly added the special warmth to the event.
On the second night all Aria supporters around the world joined together for the annual dinner. “It’s such pleasure to see everyone from all over the world.
We strive to make it better every year” said Terry Kurimoto, Director of International Sales Division.

Aria TA-70 Shines at Nagoya Dome

Toshi Matsumura, Manager for Aria’s International Sales Division, played his TA-70 to back up the Japan’s renowned Taisho Goto group “Shikino-Kai” at Flower Festival
held on March 14, 2009 at Nagoya Dome. Taisho Goto is a traditional string instrument from Japan’s Taisho-Era, and the group has played at the Carnegie Hall of New York and the Tokyo Dome before. Wailing Toshi enjoyed his rather unusual debut at the Dragon’s home stadium.


First-time Collaboration with new U.S. distributor, Dana B. Goods, 2009 Winter NAMM turned out to be a great success. Our booth was located at one of the busiest intersections in Anaheim Convention Center, and the visitors/dealers came in continuously throughout this 4-day event. The display of Aria and D’Aquisto guitars got more exposure than beach babes in the California sun! The partnership will not only help Aria penetrate the U.S. market, but also feed stimulus to the already sluggish guitar industry worldwide. The time has come and one could easily visualize the Aria’s brighter future. Salute to prosperous 2009!