Name: Cliff Burton


Cliff Burton was the bassist for Metallica and known as the best heavy metal bassist ever.
He chose ARIA SB-BLACK'N GOLD I as his partner and toured several countries.


Name:Henrik Flyman

Model Used: PE-1500

Henrik Flyman is a Swedish guitarist, award winning composer and producer. Henrik is best known for his longest lasting band, Evil Masquerade. He’s been a great Aria supporter for 20+ years in Europe.


Name: Steve Stevens

Model Used: AD-150, A19C-200N

Steve Stevens is truly a legend. He is best known for his Grammy award winning performance on the Top Gun soundtrack and his co-writing and subsequent albums with Billy Idol. He has also worked with a host of other artists including the Thompson Twins, Joni Mitchell, Peter Criss, Steve Lukather, Ric Ocasek, and Michael Jackson.


Name: John Taylor

Model Used: SB-1000RI

John Taylor is the bassist of a well-known English band "Duran Duran", which is one of the most successful band in 1980's. He also performs as a solo artist releasing lots of great works.


Name: Don Wilson

Model Used: VM-2001

Don Wilson is the guitarist and the founder of the well-known band "The Ventures". He has been using a variety of Aria guitars for many years.


Name: Bob Spalding

Model Used: VM-BS

Bob Spalding is the bassist and the guitarist of "The Ventures". He is a multi-talented artist playing guitars, basses, and drums.


Name: Gerry McGee

Model Used:VF-G1

Gerry McGee is the guitarist and bassist of "The Ventures". Not only for The Ventures, he also played for Elvis Presley, Willie Nelson, John Mayall, and many other famous artists.


Name: Bob Bogle

Model Used: VMB-2001

Bob Bogle was the guitarist and the founder of "The Ventures". He founded The Ventures with Don Wilson in 1958.


Name: Nokie Edwards

Model Used: Hitchhiker Premium

Nokie Edwards is the former guitarist of "The Ventures". Not only as a member of The Ventures, he released several albums as a solo artist. His guitar, the HitchHiker is a hybrid of the best elements of the Fender Telecaster and Mosrite guitars.


Name: Chuck Rainey

Model Used: SWB-04

Chuck Rainey is a well-known session bassist. He played with Quincy Jones, Aretha Franklin, The Supremes, Roberta Flack, and some other famous artists.


Name: Raughi Ebert

Model Used: AC-150F

Raughi Ebert is a member of the Germany's most successful guitar duo "Tierra Negra", which belongs to the protagonists of New World Flamenco. Without losing the thread to the Rumba-Flamenco tradition of the Camargue and Spain, this duo creates a unique combination of folklore, lounge and pop elements into their style.


Name: Leo Henrichs

Model Used: AC-150F

Leo Henrichs is a member of the Germany's most successful guitar duo "Tierra Negra", which belongs to the protagonists of New World Flamenco. Without losing the thread to the Rumba-Flamenco tradition of the Camargue and Spain, this duo creates a unique combination of folklore, lounge and pop elements into their style.


Name: Vladimir Holstinin

Model Used: STG-VHJ

Vladimir Holstinin is the guitarist of the Russian most famous heavy metal band "ARIA". He is the founder of this band and the icon since 1980's.


Name: Vitaly Dubinin

Model Used: STB-VDJ

Vitaly Dubinin is the bassist of the Russian most famous heavy metal band "ARIA". Along with Vladimir, he is also one of main composers of this band.


Name: Sergey Popov

Model Used: MAC-SPJ

Sergey Popov is the guitarist of the Russian most famous heavy metal band "ARIA". He joined ARIA in November 2002 and has been fascinating Russian heavy metal fans.


Name: Joe Dalton

Model Used: Aria-615

Joe Dalton is one of the most in-demand session guitarists and music educators in the country today.


Name: Takashi O'hashi

Model Used: RS-Jail, PE-Jail

Takashi O'hashi is the guitarist of "Seikima-II", which is one of the most famous Japanese heavy metal bands. He has been using his signature ARIA RS and PE for many years.



Name: David Eriksson

Model Used: TS-400

David Eriksson is the guitarist and main vocal of a well-known Swedish band "The Soulshake Express". He has been using a vintage ARIA TS-400 since he started his career.


Name: Reno Schnell

Model Used: MAC-PRESTO

Reno Schnell is the guitarist of the German band “Final Virus”.
Impressive techniques and stylish presence on stage made her one of the most recognized and respected female guitarists in the European music scene today.


Name: Peter Sonntag

Model Used: SB-1000CB, IGB-Rosie

Peter Sonntag is the bassist of the German band “Final Virus”. He also performs in his own band "Peter Sonntag Quartett" touring with Reno Schnell in many countries.


Name: Samuel Reichert

Model Used: SB-404/5, STB-JB-DX/5

Samuel Reichert is a bassist touring with a German famous singer Mic Donet. His extraordinary skill and technique are highly trusted by his team.


Name: Max Rothshield

Model Used: FA-71

Max Rothshield is a Russian jazz guitarist playing Aria FA-71. Created his own "casual jazz style" which includes contemporary jazz tunes and fingerstyle medleys in one show.



Name: Ulf Wakenius

Model Used: FA-Broadway

Ulf Wakenius is one of the most influential jazz guitarists of our day. He performed with jazz greats such as Oscar Peterson, Pat Metheny, and Herbie Hancock, playing his old Aria Guitar.


Name: Herb Ellis

Model Used: PE-175

Herb Ellis was an american jazz guitarist. He toured with Oscar Peterson and Ray Brown in his 1950's. He also played for Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong and some other famous musicians.


Name: 'Slick' Joe Fick

Model Used: DMB-380

"Slick"Joe Fick is one of the most entertaining bassists in Nashville/Memphis, Tennessee. Currently with the Travis Mann Band, Joe is a fan of the Aria DMB-380 and uses them on stage.


Name: Greg Hanna

Model Used: DMB-380

Greg Hanna is the dynamic bassist with true Punk icons, The Dickies and he is an Aria player. Greg is a graduate from Musicians Institute's Bachelor of Arts program and is a very accomplished player in a wide variety of styles.


Name: Gemi Taylor

Model Used: MAC-100

Gemi Taylor is a guitarist who has supported lots of musicians like Foxy Brown, Larry Graham, Carrie McDowell, Pizzicato Five, Tei Towa, etc. He has been using Aria guitars and basses since the late 70's until now.


Name: Srdjan Djule Djukic

Model Used: STB-PB-DX

Srdjan Djule Djukic is a Serbian famous bassist using a customized STB-PB-DX in his band Stormbringers. His outstanding axe and energetic play are attracting Serbian rock fans.


Name: Kevin McCormick

Model Used: AC-75CB/4

Kevin McCormick, the bassist for such legendary musicians as Jackson Browne and Crosby, Stills, and Nash loves his nylon string AC-75CB/4 and is currently taking it on the road with Jackson Browne.


Name: Erik Della Penna

Model Used: A19C-200S

Erik Della Penna is a veteran session guitarist, currently touring with Natalie Merchant, and he is an Aria player. Erik has a long list of CD credits, playing with everyone from Pete Seeger to Joan Baez.


Name: David Roe

Model Used: SB-1000RI

Best known as the Johnny Cash's bassist, Dave Roe has recorded and toured with Nashville's greatest talents like Chet Atkins, Vince Gill, Faith Hill, and the A-list goes on. He played Aria SB-1000 in '70s and still does today.


Elizabeth McGovern

Elizabeth McGovern is an American actress and a musician performing in her band "Sadie and the Hotheads".
She is a really multi-talented artist who can be an actress, singer, guitarist, and songwriter.


Name: August Zadra

Model Used: PE-RX80

August Zadra is currently on the road with Dennis DeYoung's Band. August is a long time Aria fan, counting his PE-RX80 as a favorite amongst his axes. When August is not touring with Mr. DeYoung he plays with the popular Journey tribute band "Lights".


Dmitriy Radzetckiy

Model Used: AC-80

Dmitriy Radzetckiy is a classical guitarist in Ukraine. He is a member of an experimental music project "Supremus", a rock group "SUR Band", and the electron-acoustic guitar duo "Big Second". He is also able to play the 10-strings guitar.